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Published in North America by Globe Pequot Press as Aphrodisia: Homemade Potions to Make Love More Likely, More Pleasurable, and More Possible, hardcover, 104 pages, 7 x 5.5in, $19.00.

Homemade Potions to Make Love More Likely, More Pleasurable, and More Possible

The dust jacket of the North American edition of our book describes it as ‘a loving collection of ingredients and recipes for creating tried and true aphrodisiacs at home’. We liked this as it reflects our earlier working title of ‘The Love Herbal’ – this is a book about aphrodisiacs with love at its heart.

The introduction answers the most often-asked questions about aphrodisiacs, and is followed by the 26 main chapters and recipes. In Part 2 short descriptions of many other aphrodisiacs are given, including such surprising entries as artichoke, gardenia, ginkgo, honey, nettle, black pepper and pumpkin. A survey of the top aphrodisiacs on the internet, a list of resources and further reading, plus full index complete the book.

N.B. This book is now out of print in North America.

The contents are: ashwaghanda, cardamom, chilli, chocolate, cnidium, cola nut, damiana, figs, ginger, ginseng, horny goat weed, jasmine, maca, mango, muira puama, nutmeg and mace, nuts and seeds, oats, orange, rose, schisandra, shatavari, tribulus, vanilla, ylang ylang and yohimbe.

Among the recipes are: cardamom syrup, ginger grenadine, jasmine tincture with ice cream, muira puama and date tart, oats athol brose, schisandra sangria and vanilla coeur à la crème.

From the introduction to the book

There needn’t be a battle of the sexes over aphrodisiacs, but we do need to understand each other. We are in this thing together, stress and all, ageing and all. Any day is a possible Valentine’s, any meal can be a love meal. If our loving is fulfilling, maybe we won’t need aphrodisiacs anyway.

Comments on Amazon

I really, really like this book. The recipes sound delicious and sensuous and fun. The whole book design creates an atmosphere of warmth, sweet and healthy indulgence and is most lovingly written. Reading it is like sitting down to tea with a close friend who happens to have a deep knowledge of aphrodisiacs you can make yourself. Highly recommended!!


This little book contains so much wonderful information for anyone interested in aphrodisiacs on any level – from those looking to spice up their sex life to those with an academic interest. A very knowledgeable and interesting read, with plenty of practical and delicious ways to use the aphrodisiac herbs.

Book Reviews

… And the results? [of a small testing group] Well, obviously, a lady never tells. Suffice it to say that we have ditched the monthly book club in favour of a potion-making group, and it didn’t take long to come up with a name for it – the Horny Goat’s Club.
– Mary Skipwith, The Field