Our Books

Our six books on foraging and herbal medicine are published in the UK and in North America. Each title is beautifully illustrated, informative and easily accessible, with recipes and itemised uses.

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Backyard Medicine

This is our flagship book, with over 160,000 sales so far (combining UK and North American markets) and no signs of slowing down. We have named our company and this website Hedgerow Medicine in honour of its UK title Hedgerow Medicine and have followed the composition style of this first book in each of our five subsequent titles.

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Backyard Medicine For All

A companion volume to Backyard Medicine, this book focuses on wild plants of the wayside, most of whose medicinal uses have been forgotten. It has the same layout, with its strong visual emphasis, and the same sequence of information in each chapter, with added emphasis on modern clinical work on the plant and simple medicinal recipes using it.

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The Big Book of Backyard Medicine

This is a combination of Backyard Medicine and Backyard Medicine For All in one volume, available only in North America.

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Home Remedies

Julie and Matthew move indoors to describe the wealth of healing and emergency remedies that sit unused in our kitchens. You have a pharmacy at your fingertips, and the book shows you how to use herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, oils, vinegars and other familiar kitchen items to treat common ailments. An 8-page quick reference guide links ailments and their treatments.

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The Forager's Cookbook

This is a recipe book, a foraging book and a medicinal herbal, but also more. Here are 90 exciting plant-based recipes featuring common weeds, showcasing why they are delicious, nutritious, healthful, too good to waste, and free!

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This book has been described as ‘a loving collection of ingredients and recipes for creating tried and true aphrodisiacs at home’. We like this as it reflects our earlier working title of ‘The Love Herbal’ – this is a book about aphrodisiacs with love at its heart.


N.B. This book is now out of print in the US

The Herbalist’s Bible

A selection from and commentary on the biggest and, in the authors’ opinion, the best herbal ever written in English, John Parkinson’s magnum opus, Theatrum Botanicum or Theater of Plants (1640). Parkinson (1567–1650) was the official herbalist to King Charles I, a renowned gardener and London apothecary. It took him fifty years to write his book, and his experience shines through his accounts of the Vertues (medicinal uses) of some 3,800 plants. This is a book of living herbalism from a time when herbs were orthodox medicine.

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